Experts Committee: Prepare for implementation: Innovation is a journey not just a wish. Open Up, collect information, analyze and interpret it to generate “out of the Box” insights. Change tracks, develop fresh thoughts and generate more creative input.

I4C: I4C practices areas are designed to raise our clients' knowledge awareness and thinking out-of-the-box abilities.

We offer a comprehensive range of integrated strategic solutions in health to meet every need. Each of our practice area is comprised of skilled marketing and influence communication professionals. We are smart, creative and resourceful. 

Strategic Plan: Inspire: Creative thinking, create new rules, mix gold standards, interconnect thought leader expertise and original input.

Create a new model, from vision to action: Design a strategic plan, make it actionable and easy to implement, ensure follow up and next steps.

Publications: Innovate: Fertilize the market, develop cross border synergies and benchmarks leveraging visionary thinking.

Be the First: Cutting-edge spirit, expand existing barriers, simply make it possible.

Platform CommunityWorldwide communication, differentiated and targeted specifically towards healthcare professionals, (HCPs) bloggers and consumers. Disruptive Innovation Management: Develop what to do and how best to communicate the need.