I-Care Consulting is a consultancy specializing in Influence Communications and Integrated Strategic Marketing for the healthcare sector. I-Care Consulting provides companies with a unique vision of healthcare marketing based on detailed knowledge and experience of healthcare products - prescription and over-the-counter medicines, neutraceutical foods, cosmetics and biotechnology – combined with an in-depth understanding of the consumer.
Carine Emsellem
Founder & Managing Director
Carine, Founder & Managing director of I-Care Consulting

    International, Strategic, multidisciplinary healthcare networking & marketing expert with a big eye for innovation and scientific societies connection, Carine has worked for 15 years the gamut of best in class companies (BMS; AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, Danone to name a few) as marketing team leader, health affairs director in national, European and Global positions.


    Although her skill set is vast, her greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of medical communication and influence, creative thinking, collaborative leadership, technical expertise, innovative scientific content creation and disruptive change management.


    Her wish is to combine her unparalleled depth of experience as a marketing executive for 15 years from across the Nutraceutical food, pharma and OTC markets and strategic partnerships expertise, to deliver the best creative, breaking edges programs to her clients and their audiences, her contribution to their enquiry is the union of this unusual experience as a marketing executive with a deep interest and strong skills to embrace the change, push the walls and breaking the rules to impacts results.


She is a generous, open minded and taking risk person, always moving around to achieve her goal.



Post graduate in Chemistry (chemical process applied in medicine) from Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris VI University.

Masters Degree in Intelligence Marketing HEC Business School (Paris)



French, English, Spanish.

       With more than 15 years of service for Multi National companies with high standard reputation, Yann has decided to start a new venture and enter into the entrepreneurship route.


     Due to his high organization skills and his profesionality, Yann has created Procare Health, believing that he can bring value to the market with his own organization and his own vision and directions.


         An impressive background with more than 15 years of service for Multi National companies with high standard reputation, and big responsibilities in executive roles at the country, and global level for multinational companies like L’Oreal, P&G and Warner Chilcott.


   Specialities: Global Marketing Perspective FMCG, OTC & Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Specialist, Product Life Cycle Planning & Management, Sales & Marketing Strategy Development, Strategic Alliances.








Post graduate in Bio-Chemistry from Paris VI University.

Masters Degree in Intelligence Marketing HEC Business school (Paris)




French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.



"My knowledge and networks have been built on International Operational and Strategic Marketing assignments with worldwide groups including my experience from direct management of key blockbuster Launches or Re-Launches (Plavix, Lovenox, Exanta, Danacol, Actimel , Densia etc…) in different product categories and distribution channels."

Carine Emsellem, Founder & Managing Director 

Yann Gaslain
Partner & Associate Director
Yann Gaslain, Partner & associate director of I-Care consulting